Welcome to Intercoastal Kids Learning Center!
 We are so delighted that your family is considering Intercoastal Kids Learning Center for your child’s VPK education. Being one of the best childcare facilities in Jacksonville Florida we feel it is important to provide a safe and secure preschool environment where your child will receive the High Reach Curriculum, Music and Movement, Dance, Spanish, and Sign Language. Structure is an important part of your child’s developmental needs and that’s why we feel it is important to foster an environment that maintains a routine the children rely on.

About our school


13109 Professional Dr, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Our educational philosophy at Intercoastal Kids Learning Center is based on fostering a love of learning, celebrating and embracing each child's uniqueness. We are committed to providing an environment where children's curiosity is encouraged and they build a love of learning. Our curriculum stands on a solid foundation that prepares kids for the challenges of kindergarten, in which we believe they will be prepared to succeed. We make sure that our children progress naturally and confidently thought their time at Intercoastal Kids Learning Center.

We encourage literacy development through letter and sound recognition, reading stories, singing, nursery rhymes and finger plays. Children have the opportunity to practice writing their name, letters and numbers. They play alphabet games and dictate original stories. They develop math and spatial skills with activities that focus on counting, matching, sorting, building, numbers and shape recognition. Children use crayons, paints and markers to explore artistic expression. They are encouraged to learn through hands-on discoveries in our VPK classroom setting. Our daily VPK classroom schedule includes reading, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical fitness activities with Mrs. Lea from Dance Mania. Our kids engage in Spanish class three times weekly. Our program helps children develop these skills in a warm nurturing environment.